Women's Missionary Federation (WMF) -- is the name of our women's group. 

The purpose of WMF is to awaken and deepen interest in and love for the kingdom of God, at home and abroad, thus sharing in the great missionary enterprise of the Christian Church. 

The four projects of the WMF are Christian Education, Home Missions, World Missions and the WMF General Fund.

Our congregation's WMF meets monthly (usually Saturday mornings) for brunch, Bible study and business.

In addition, the ladies meet Tuesday mornings (9:00) for weekly Bible study and fellowship. 

For the sewers, quiliting takes place on Tuesday mornings, as well (11:00).

We invite all women to come, be a part of our women's fellowship, as we seek to spread the love of Christ and his saving gospel to all people everywhere!

  April 2021  
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